During Esbjerg Festival Week, there will be events all over the city, but the center of the Festival Week is on the Square and spreads out through the streets, parks and all the way to the harbor, into churches and many other venues with almost 200 events. Below you will be able to know some of the venues around the city where there will be activities during the Festival Week.


In the big programme for the Festival Week, it is possible to search on the venues and find the activities.



The Main Square

The Main Square is the natural center for Esbjerg Festival Week. Here there will be free concerts, in almost all genres but also the Children’s Day and the International Day. Therefore, the Main Square will be full of activities during the Festival Week.




The harbor

The harbor is an important part of the Festival Week, and every year new activities pops up in the area. On the harbor, you will be able to find the container exhibition where professional and amateur artists exhibits theirs arts and handicrafts. There will also be music at the containers every single day, together with the music and events at both Restaurant Sydvesten and marine association. So just, look at the programme!


All of these events and the containers are located at the old fishing harbor. More precisely at Rødspættekaj and Fiskerihavnsgade. If you arrive by car, you can park free at the parking lot at Fiskerihavnsgade and Auktionsgade.

You can also take the bus from the Train station or the Ferry terminal and get off at the stop at H.E. Bluhmes Vej.





All around Esbjerg there are many parks where you also will be able to experience different events during Esbjerg Festival Week. Der will be opera in the Byparken, theater in Esehaven and street theater in I.C. Møllerparken.



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