Danish International Street Theater Festival 2019


Every summer we visits the Danish streets and continues an ancient heritage: street theater. We hope that we together can preserve and develop an attractive street life.

Street theatre is a unique opportunity to meet new faces in your city. You will be able to laugh together with your fellow citizens in a noncommittal meeting and afterwards they will not feel like complete strangers anymore.



The festival is free for all. You will find the shows outside without an invisible door in front of you in shape of tickets. The street theater is including. You will get close to the art, face to face, and suddenly you can find yourself in the middle of it all, or you might see yourself in the show.


Below you will be able to find a presentation of all shows, the location and time of the show can be found in the programme.





by Corpus (Canada)

duration: 30 min.


The celebrated and hilarious comedy classic lands in Denmark. Due to severe budget cuts the 217th Canadian Flying Squadron has been left without any planes. However, that’s but a minor detail for a group of true fighter pilots. Choreographed down to the millimeter and determined to fly at any cost, the pilots continue their training without planes. Even though the result might end up more like Monty Python than the air force... Inspired by an unlikely true story, A FLOCK OF FLYRES is guaranteed to make you laugh!






by El Carromato (Spain)

duration: 30 min.



The BIG DANCERS are ready to flood the streets with music and color. You’re invited to a party by a parade of giant marionets! With the master of ceremonies in front, everything is about to culminate in a spectacle of joyful music, precise chorography and a magical atmosphere. The colorful and enormous puppets can’t be missed when they dance through the city, rising to the sky.  A "big" show in every sense of the word!





by Marionetas Microbio (Chile)

duration: 15 min.


The master of marionettes returns with his arsenal of charming puppets. If you missed CALLEJEROS during last year’s festival we have some great news. Once again, the puppet virtuoso Gabriel Calderón travels from South America to Denmark with his magnificent miniature show. From trash and second-hand material, Gabriel has built the dolls himself and they have turned into the most wonderful little characters. With precise details and a breathtaking technique, the puppets spring to life. Far from the busy pace of everyday life, the audience is pulled into a cozy world full of magic and fantasy.






by Corpus (Canada)

duration: 40 min.



A twisted fairy tale for the whole family. Two queens have ventured out from their castles and throne rooms to visit… a camping ground? Far from their usual luxury they will have to take care of themselves and face the many struggles that comes with a simple life. Without servants, they will have to catch fish, survive in the wild and attempt to make their surroundings a little more… royal.  A charming and interactive adventure for all ages.






by Electric Circus (Netherlands)

Duration: 5 hours



Mechanical Virtual Reality theater for one spectator at a time. HEADSPACE is an automated miniature theater shaped in the size of a giant head. Inside, the head is filled with little robot actors and preprogrammed mechanics. The lucky audience member can wear the head like a mask and for 2-3 minutes experience a spectacular and intimate 4D show. HEADSPACE is a reaction to the extensive amount of screen-time in our daily life. Inside the head it is physically impossible to use a phone or a camera - you can only look and enjoy the show with your own eyes...






by Corpus (Canada)

duration: 30 min.



Have you ever wondered what the everyday life of sheep might look like? Well, here’s your chance! Travel to a strange and hilarious universe as CORPUS takes you through a carefully studied, surrealistic overview of sheep behavior. Meet Julie, Marie-Louise, Bernadette and César, 3 healthy ewes and a young ram. Routine activities include: shearing, feeding, milking and many more... This truly innovative performance twists reality in surprising ways and takes audience interaction to new heights!






af Cie Bémol (France)

duration: 1-5 hours (workshop + parade)



Would you like to join the parade with LES PO’BOYS? Then come by the workshop before the show and learn how to participate. Everything is taken care of: the costumes are ready; the music is playing and there is time for you to learn a few basic choreographies before the show. The professional musicians, dancers and costume designers are ready to help, so you can participate in any way you feel comfortable. You don’t need any experience with dance or music to join – everyone is welcome! As long as you bring your good mood, we’ll guarantee an unforgettable and fun experience! Contact info@gadeteaterfestival.dk for more info.





by Cie Bémol (France)


duration: 40 min.



Experience a whole new kind of audience interaction when LES PO’BOYS STREET PARADE fills the streets with music and dance. A genuine Mardi Gras Parade comes to town! With a musical mix of Funk, Hip-hop, 30’s swing and New Orleans brass music, the parade takes over the city brimming with dancers, colorful costumes and that special carnival atmosphere... And you even get the chance to join them! LES PO’BOYS makes it possible for the public to participate in the show. So, come along and join the party; whether it’s as a spectator or as a part of the parade!







by Duo Laos (Argentina)


duration: 30 min.



Get ready for a gravity defying dance and acrobatics act from new exotic altitudes. Mercedes Martin Garcia and Pablo Raffo from Argentina presents as Duo Laos a strong, sensual and passionate partner acrobatic. Spiced with tango, comedy and Latin American “Rock N’ Ballet”, everything comes together in one big genre bending feast. By turns feminine and masculine, light as a butterfly and heavy as an ox, the two acrobats explore their different backgrounds from the Argentinian circus scene. With their bodies as language they tell a story about finding yourself – and each other – in an unstable world. 






by BelloAbril & Theatre of Coincidences (Australia - Chile)

duration: 3 hours



A fantastic pilgrimage were even the biggest emotions can hide in the smallest detail. THE PILGRIM unfolds on a hanging stage on the puppeteer’s body. For 7-15 minutes two or three audience members can be part of this intimate experience. The audience is not only spectators, but “spect-actors”, since they can help determine how the story unfolds. With either the setting sun as backdrop or under a shady tree, the performance can be experienced wherever the puppeteer travels. All the way from Australia, THE PILGRIM now stops in Denmark, before the journey continues – this is your chance to join the trip!






by The Mobile Sewing Company (Holland)

duration: 30 min.



Is your wardrobe in need of a little life and color? Second hand, costume design and humor meet in this exceptional theatrical sewing show. Since 2003, Karin Arts and Mariken Biegman-van Geel have traveled the world with two classical Dutch bikes, two antique sewing machines and a truly unique show. The audience are invited to hand in a piece of clothing and allow the ladies to transform the material into an original piece of art. They don´t need electricity; just a little help with the bikes to get the sewing machines going. So, come along and bring home a one-of-the-kind souvenir!






by Cie Didier Théron (France)


duration: 45 min.



Like a group of giant bouncing balls, these fun characters are ready to transform the city into one big playground. With plenty of dance, gags and improvisation, the performers are masters of using the public space. Their fun suits are made from latex and inflated with air like a balloon. This allow them to play with gravity as cars, stores, balconies, cafés and audience members become props in their hilarious antics. Get ready to laugh when one of last year’s most successful shows returns!




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